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I don’t usually watch anime. Many don’t even consider Samurai Champloo legitimate anime since it’s so Westernized. Nevertheless, Samurai Champloo is awesome.

Spoiler Alert

Okay, the story line is pretty predictable. A girl finds some companions, asks them to help her find “The Sunflower Samurai”, and then they all go through some trials and tribulations to get there. You can even probably predict that the samurai they are in search of probably has some sort of familial relation to Foo (the girl).


It all flows. The characters interact mellifluously while everybody still has their quirkiness. People fight. people talk. At some points, you can just drift away in the mellow jazz-hop Fat-Jon/Nujabes tracks, which tie together the entire thing. There is definitely something special about the way everything is orchestrated.

The entire series is pretty scattered. One day, Foo’s in a...

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On High School CS Classes

I have never taken AP Computer Science or any high school CS course other than the “Special Problems” course I am currently taking at UNT — it is basically a course where I work directly with a professor on a research project.

My school didn’t offer any computer science courses, so I learned on my own. After coming to TAMS/UNT, I saw so many people who had taken a high school CS course and thought of them as being ten steps ahead of me in the journey that is CS.

Recently, one of my friends from my old school asked me for some help on a huge project they have to do in APCS. She sent me the proposal she gave to her teacher and the drafts of the functionality. It seemed pretty cool: a program that utilizes an OCR scanner to get a text file out of scanned documents, classifies the documents, and sorts them into different directories based on the classification.

I met up with her at...

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Wow, SVBTLE looks really nice.

I realized that having a site with all of my experience and credentials is pretty lame. If someone wants to know about me they should talk to me or ask me for my resume.

My blogging life has been dormant since the early Tumblr days, and SVBTLE looks so nice. I have never actually blogged before, but hey, life is an experiment.

Hopefully, I can bring something new to your day.

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